Pamela Gutiérrez jewellery combines brilliant designs with the precise craftsmanship of master jewelers to bring you a truly spectacular performance. We are working with stones and metals of the highest quality.

Micro Pavé Setting

Pavé comes from French and means pavement. With this special style of stone setting small diamonds or crystals are lined up on a piece of jewellery. Each individual stone sits in a finely drilled hole and is fixed by small metal teeth. Micro pavé setting can be understood as the miniature world of pavé setting. It is even more complex than the traditional pavé setting and requires the utmost precision and jeweler’s craftsmanship. With a maximum size of 1.2 mm the diamonds or crystals are so fine that tens or hundreds of little stones are set stone by stone in perfection under the microscope on each single jewellery. This meticulous, detailed and subtle handwork, creates shiny surfaces, patterns and styles that magically attract attention. All jewellery of Pamela Gutiérrez is manufactured with the art of micro pavé setting.