It is certainly in India, where jewellery goes from being a simple adornment of the body to form an important part in people’s life. The jewels in India with its stones and metals not only transmit the status of the wearer, they also convey moods and family history.

My interest in jewellery started in India, observing extravagant and extraordinary jewels, reflecting the ancient art of goldsmithing. This interest was mixed with one of my great passion, fashion, which has been part of my life since my childhood due to the fashion company of my mother in South America which awoke my love for textures, shapes and colours. My years in Europe gave me a new vision about fashion, focusing more on classic, sophisticated products with high-quality standards.

My collections are an example of the fusion of these three continents, mixing colours, techniques and forms. The perfect mix between the Indian style and the elegance and simplicity of Europe and the cheerful colour scheme of Latin  America.

“Jewellery is a wonderful world without limits of imagination”

Pamela Gutiérrez-Fischedick